{ "portal": { "name": "Famobi.com", "claim": null, "affiliate_id": "A-1UXIN" }, "node": { "thumb": "https:\/\/img.cdn.famobi.com\/portal\/html5games\/images\/tmp\/WhatDoesYourBfLookLikeTeaser.jpg", "name": "What Does Your Boyfriend Look Like", "description": "Blonde or brown hair, tie or casual style - what kind of guy do you like? In this fun girl game chance decides your fate. Tap at the right moment and create a cute boyfriend just by pressing a button! Endless combinations are possible, will you find your Prince Charming?", "url": "https:\/\/play.famobi.com\/what-does-your-bf-look-like", "affiliate_id": "A-1UXIN" } }