{ "portal": { "name": "Famobi.com", "claim": null, "affiliate_id": "A-1UXIN" }, "node": { "thumb": "https:\/\/img.cdn.famobi.com\/portal\/html5games\/images\/tmp\/3dAirHockeyTeaser.jpg", "name": "3D Air Hockey", "description": "Play this fast-paced 3D version of the popular arcade sports game where it's all about your reaction skills! Compete against the computer or a friend on your mobile device. Select a difficulty that matches your skills and choose the target score. Then it's only a matter of smashing the puck into the opponent's goal to win the game!", "url": "https:\/\/play.famobi.com\/3d-air-hockey", "affiliate_id": "A-1UXIN" } }